Ambient in Dom plus

of the 30th Ambient Ljubljana Furniture Fair

The best 5 - Top 5

The Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre has awarded the best 5 – TOP 5 for products or system solutions that best combine functionality with technological or visual quality. The expert panel, consisting of: President Mr. Janez Kozelj, Mr. Vladimir Pezdirc, Mr. Marco Marangone and Mr. Rok Kuhar, selected:

the ALA modular table,
design RU: T & Nataša Njegovanović

Commission’s rationale: The solution suggests an interesting contrast between rationally shaped Slavonian oak and solid metal construction.

living room,
design Jure in Jaka Urbanija

Commission’s rationale: an interesting mix of minimalism and tradition – hand skills.

TURK & M&Z d.o.o.,
the Surviver kitchen sink,
designer Zoran Turk

Commission’s rationale: a new reflection on cleanliness in the preparation of dishes.

PIRNAR d.o.o.,
door pullers,
designer Gašper Pirnar

Commission’s rationale: An innovative and superbly executed handles, an excellent mix of functionality, technology and aesthetics.

TEM d.d.,
the Quaro switches family,
designer Borut Dvornik

Commission’s rationale: Design which emphasises a touch.

The best of them - Top of the Top

PIRNAR d.o.o.,
door pullers,
designer Gašper Pirnar,

for excellent mix of functionality, technology and aesthetics.

Top Ideas – Design Exchange

Top Ideas  – Design Exchange  – Four awards for the boldest and freshest ideas at this year’s eight Top Ideas, the exchange and exhibition of imaginative, innovative and creative design solutions by young, perspective architects and designers were selected by the committee consisting of chairman Mr. Ernest Nograšek, Mr. Janez Mesarič and Mr. Dejan Kos:

Lučka Berlot,
for the Moseanic lamp by Lučkabučka

Commission’s rationale: Plastic from the beach has found its way home. A random eco “terrazzo” has emerged that illuminates the rooms and heads and may find its place in the future.

Studio Moste,
for the Čipka cutting board

Commission’s rationale: The natural beauty of the wood is captured in the usefulness of the cutting board with the lace motif.

Blaž Skodlar,
for the Addid+ Hive lamp

Commission’s rationale: A modular cardboard lamp, thoughtfully designed according to circular economy principles.

The Best Top Idea

Studio AINO,
for the III table

Commission’s rationale: The table is made of solid oak wood and assembled by thoughtful wood ties without screws.

Recognition of the Slovenian Designers Association for "Furniture in 2020"

Recognition of the Slovenian Designers Association for “Furniture in 2020” – a committee consisting of the president Ms. Jožica Curk, Ms. Petra Zupančič and Mr. Julijan Krapež decided to award this year:

Žurbi team d.o.o.,
for the Gumb bench, authors architects from the Medprostor d.o.o.,
Teja Gorjup, Rok Žnidaršič and Samo Mlakar

Commission’s rationale: We reward the integrity of the product, from both a design and execution point of view. Žurbi Team Company  continues its work with the use of terrazzo products, which it manages in extraordinary dimensions. The Žurbi products represent a quality enrichment of outdoor equipment.

The Golden Plaque of the Naš Dom Magazine

The Golden Plaque of the Naš Dom Magazine – rewards functional solutions, and can only be received by a Slovenian manufacturer for the presented program, which can partially or fully functionally furnish an apartment. The Commission, consisting of the President and magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Jasna Marin, Mr. Robert Klun and Ms. Mojca Berhtold, selected among the exhibits:

Matevž Klopčič, s. p.,
for the Vita cradle & the Scorpio lamp

Commission’s rationale: Innovative design with a sincere approach. The story of the cradle is intertwined with nature, not only with the material but also with the movement that pays attention to the baby. With each movement, the cradle submits to the child. It is an element that is designed like tree branches and a nest. All the assemblies are properly thought out and precisely designed, and the design itself is pleasing to the eye and functional. Complementing the wooden assembly from a user perspective, they provide cushioning elements and soft linings that round out the design itself. Intended for circular shaping of wooden forms, the Scorpio lamp is a complement to home products.