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Woodworking exercises

The programme of workshops on wood design and woodworking, organised by the Wood Festival and with the support of the Slovenian public agency SPIRIT, is aimed at a wider range of participants interested in creating in this precious material. The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness of the importance of wood as a sustainable, healthy and beautiful material, and to transfer knowledge about woodworking to the participants of the programmes.

Presentation and sale of the Konstrukta toys by Niko Kralj

Konstrukta quickly arouses children’s curiosity and imagination. Children can build their own world of animals, buildings, vehicles or imaginative objects according to their own original ideas or according to the accompanying construction plans. This constructive toy develops logical thinking, attention and perseverance. Coordinated hand and eye movements stimulate the child’s fine motor skills and improve spatial awareness. The child solves problems and learns technical principles while playing. Creativity and imagination are the basis of our children’s future.