Ambient in Dom plus

The project consists of the exhibition and presentations aimed at the professional and general public.

Project partners

Building with Wood Today for Tomorrow

A learning path leading through different types of prefabricated timber buildings and presentations for the professional/business and general public

The exhibition is designed as a learning path leading through the different systems of prefabricated timber construction:
– skeleton
– panel
– solid
* dowelled IQ wood
* X-Lam glued laminated flat elements
* log cabin
– modular

Each of these systems will be presented at the exhibition area designed as a learning path from one manufacturer to the next. Manufacturers will present their own model (cross-section, typical element), with the billboard providing the basic essential data and the digital screen showing a set of the completed buildings in photo and video format.

On Saturday, 16 November, we are organising an all-day event in the central area entitled BUILDING WITH WOOD TODAY FOR TOMORROW, aimed primarily at the general public. In the first part of the event, independent and renowned experts will present current topics in the field of prefabricated timber construction. In the second part, prefabricated house manufacturers will have the opportunity to present the specifics of your own offer, innovations and personal preferences regarding the quality of living in a personal way through a guided conversation.




“The Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport is delighted to be participating in the Ambient and Home Plus Fair, where this year the focus will be on prefabricated timber construction. Wood, as a versatile material of the future, not only promotes sustainable development, but also represents an opportunity for innovation in construction and the economy. Join us in discovering the various facts and potentials related to timber construction.”

Matjaž Han, Minister of the Economy, Tourism and Sport