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12th Forest and Wood Sector Development Day - 14 November 2024

The Development Day is organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – the Wood Processing and Furniture Industry Association and SPIRIT Slovenia in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport.

The main purpose of the event is to present the diversity and breadth of development activities in the Slovenian forest and wood chain to the professional and general public, thus strengthening the visibility of the forest and wood sector as a promising and development-oriented sector, while at the same time introducing young people to the diversity of developments in the sector and thus generating their interest in working in it. The Development Day also provides an excellent opportunity for researchers from research organisations and developers from companies to meet and network with each other, with the aim of transferring knowledge, new ideas and the seeds of new projects and collaborations.

BUILDING WITH WOOD TODAY FOR TOMORROW - Presentation of prefabricated timber construction - 16 November 2024

On Saturday, 16 November, we are hosting an all-day event in the central area entitled BUILDING WITH WOOD TODAY FOR TOMORROW, aimed at the business and general public. In the first part of the event, independent and renowned experts will present current topics in the field of prefabricated timber construction. In the second part, prefabricated house manufacturers will have the opportunity to present the specifics of their own offer, innovations and personal preferences regarding the quality of living in a personal way through a guided conversation. The discussion will be moderated by Dušan Waldhütter and Liljana Vogrinec, the founders of, the leading Slovenian platform for promoting quality and sustainable construction and living with wood. The event will be hybrid, meaning the whole event will be captured on camera, which will in turn provide excellent content for sharing what is said on digital channels.

Together with our partner SLOWOODLIFE, we will be presenting prefabricated timber buildings throughout the Fair in the form of the exhibition of different prefabricated timber construction systems. The presentation will include cross-sections of the systems, their descriptions and visual illustrations of the completed buildings on digital screens.


Day of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia - 15 November 2024

Lectures for the professional public by the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia.

The programme is under preparation.

Design Day - 13 November

The programme is under preparation.