Ambient in Dom plus

Prefabricated Timber Construction Learning Path

The exhibition is designed as a learning path through the presentation of different prefabricated timber construction systems.

Each system will be presented at the exhibition area, which will be designed as a path from one manufacturer to the next, each representing a specific prefabricated timber building system. Manufacturers will present their own models (cross-section, typical element), the billboard will be providing basic essential information and a digital screen will show a set of the completed buildings in photo and video format.


Living with Wood

The exhibition is organised by SLOWOODLIFE. It promotes a positive attitude towards wood and raises a profile of building with wood. It will showcase a selection of quality timber buildings and timber products, set in different geographical and economic environments.

Slovenian Architecture and Space 2024 – the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS)

The call for ZAPS awards and participation in the ZAPS members’ retrospective exhibition “Slovenian Architecture and Space 2024″ has been published.

This year’s retrospective exhibition of architectural achievements will be hosted at the Main Square in Novo mesto, and will then move to the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre for the Ambient and Home Plus Fair.

Top Ideas

The exhibition and marketplace of creations by young and promising creatives

Top Ideas put the awareness of young people’s creative capital at the forefront. This is not just about finding products or media exposure for individuals, but about a broader multidisciplinary collaboration of different stakeholders, jointly seeking solutions for the future.

Prastol/Primeval Chair competition

The Wood Festival is launching a competition to design a wooden chair as a tribute to the Kočevje primeval forest. The aim is to design a functional and ergonomic chair that, in addition to its basic utility, will also raise awareness of the importance of harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

The aim of the competition is not only to design the product itself, but also to take the story through to the final product, made with modern tools and ready for wider distribution. So far, more than 500 designers from 60 different countries around the world have taken part in the competition. The three winning proposals, selected by the jury, receive pre-production prototypes as prizes.

A selection from the competition will be exhibited at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Charm of Wood

The exhibition “Charm of Wood” by the Biotechnical Faculty promotes and encourages the processing and use of wood. The aim of the exhibitions is to raise consumer awareness of the sustainable importance of the wood processing industry and the use of wood products. Wood products make the greatest contribution to protecting the environment and lowering carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which are essential for tackling climate change. This is why wood as a biomaterial is moving to the forefront of EU economic policy, which in the coming years will target the promotion of a “green” local economy, which has particular relevance to Slovenia.